Reparations: Pro and Con

Who Would Pay for Reparations, and Why?
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Ogletree, Jr. Reparations Practice. Part IV Possibilities for the Future. Appendices Documents Related to Reparations. For Further Reading. Reparations: Pro and Con Alfred L.

The Case for Reparations...

Brophy is Reef C. He contributed to the report to the Tulsa Race Riot Commission, a body created by the Oklahoma Legislature to investigate the riot and make recommendations for reparations. Coates is suggesting in his article. Yes, I read it; I get 'The Atlantic'. Pelosi in the House? So, who, exactly is going to broach the subject? It is all well and good to feel all self-righteous about all this, but shouldn't we get to debate this subject a little more in Congress?

Go ahead Mr. Coates, and lobby the Black Caucus for those reparations you so eagerly want to receive. See which Black politician wants to commit political suicide. Coates, lobby the President, will you. See what happens. Go ahead, if you think it is the right thing to do - to get some kind of financial remuneration - and present your case to your representatives local, state, federal and let us see how the nation as a whole will receive your proposition.

Debate: Reparations for slavery

I am not joking. I want to see how this idea of yours would fly in How the descendants of all those who immigrated to the US from all over the world - legally or otherwise - after the Civil War would receive your righteous demands for reparations. We still live in a democracy, so let us put it to a vote; and let's see what happens, Mr. In it he does not directly argue that America's government and, presumably, various state governments ought to give money to descendants of slaves.

Instead, he tries to show the hollowness of believing his words again "that a society can spend three-and-a-half centuries attempting to cripple a man, 50 years offering half-hearted aid, and then wonder why he walks with a limp. As a white non-American this reeks of BS. Blacks want money for something that happened generations ago?? Where does this non-logic end??

Reparations to blacks for slavery debated in campus forum last week | MIT News

Since most African-Americans have some white ancestry, should they get or should they pay? Since a lot of white Americans have black ancestry, should they pay or collect? Looking beyond that, should all whites in what was then Union states get "reparations" for all the whites who died conquering the Confederacy? Are even heftier checks in the mail to all Britons for the Royal Navy's 60 year campaign to force the slave trade to end? Coates is a barbarian and you know why? Because he believes that guilt is hereditary.

And he's a racist too. He can't see individuals. America encourages this kind of garbage at its own risk. Jews have certainly not had it easy yet they didn't just sit around and grieve and resent, did they? Or maybe the Chinese-Americans or Japanese-Americans. And we are to believe that's because they were never slaves??

Slavery reparations bill debated in US House hearing

Right, because feudal Japan or China were sane societies by our metrics. And the Jews? Oh, unlike those mean white Americans w their long-gone slavery and BS Jim Crow laws, Russian antisemitism was really "tough love" that prepared Jews to succeed in America WTF, is this guy Coates being taken seriously??? I can't quite escape the feeling that the fact that an irrational grieve-monger like Coates is being taken seriously is related to America's greatly diminished national self-confidence.

I once took him seriously. Then he became too extreme a grieve-monger. Now I see that he's a full-blown fanatic. That he gets attention tells me a lot about a country gone totally neurotic. What would a slave have been paid for their labor if they were free?

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And then we can calculate the impact in today's dollars based on a Net Present Value calculation. As such, a portion of their current net worth is a direct result from the "stolen" labor. I'm not suggesting this would right any inequities, in general I don't think economic solutions ever do that we cannot compensate a dead person. But our legal system is based on attempting to do just that, and it still seems better than any alternatives.

I'm not saying this would do much to "right the wrong", I don't believe it would. But from an economic perspective, doesn't this approach make more sense than having the country as a whole make reparations? African blacks enslaved other blacks for centuries. Then, the tribal victors hit upon the idea of selling enslaved blacks of conquered tribes to the Dutch and the Portuguese, which was the European and mid-Atlantic slave trade. The U. When the U. Every single human being on the planet has an ancestor somewhere in time who was both slave and slave owner.

If we go down the reparations trail, blacks and all races have to first stand in line behind 3. You will of course pardon us if we take the views of African countries that were impoverished by 3 centuries of British slave trade more seriously than an ignorant European such as yourself who doesn't even know that the British participated in the slave trade for over 3 centuries and the slave trade was the life blood of many port cities in England. Mark Simmonds was less than an hour into a visit to Jamaica when he dismissed moves by governments in recent months to make a coordinated and concerted pitch to Britain and other former slave-owning European nations to have them compensate countries for centuries of slavery and its lingering effects to this day.

What is badly needed is for the "discussion" about race to end.

What is Neutral Politics?

It serves no purpose but to divide - to label people "white" or "African-American" or whatever. I watched as my daughter's high school friends discovered racism. They didn't care about anyone's color or ethnic background - until affirmative action put some of their classmates way ahead in college admissions, because of their race.


Or native Hawaiians? It is not the causing of a division, but rather the healing of a still-open wound. No doubt. What was the relationship? Should that money be traced?

One Korean kid, whose parent's cleverly changed their last name to a Hispanic one, got an early admit to an exclusive school, based on her name. Can you image how kids felt when they discovered they were being discriminated against because of their race? This is supposed to help? And, don't be fooled, a lot of the race baiters want this. The more racism and resentment they create, the more they can be rewarded for pounding the "racism" drums. Many wrongs were done in America, including to blacks and especially to native Americans.

But it's time to move on. It's time for everyone to pull together and ignore the voices of separation. It's time to recognize people based on their works, not their skin. It's time to stop discriminating on the basis of race as a supposed correction i.

MIT News Office

It's time to stop treating members of formerly oppressed ethnic groups as incapable of meeting high standards. It's time for Americans to be Americans, not members of this or that victim or oppressor group. Former European colonies have paid the price of the legacy of European Colonial slavery in all its forms. The British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese ruling classes became very rich in the "trade" and perhaps claims for reparations should start there.

Numerous reports from the Government Accounting Office detail the lack of effectiveness. As a long-term tax payer, I think I should get a rebate on my wasted taxes.

It is likely that slavery in the U. Perhaps the descendants of slaves should be taxed to compensate those of us who have had our standard of living reduced by slavery?

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Personally, I am waiting for the British to pay reparations to the Irish for years of brutality and exploitation. Most of my relatives came to the U. Do I have to pay the same reparation tax as those from the slave-holding South? And what of recent arrivals? Do they get taxed too? There is a huge race-based industry and political structure in the U. Reparations is just another issue they use to influence certain demographics. And if you can convince people that they are "victims" and "deserve" to be compensated, then, wow!

تفاصيل ال٠نتج

Just count the votes!!! I raise these issues to show how foolish trying to purchase, I mean buy, no, no, I mean bait voters. The truth can be so inconvenient! We should focus on the real issue, which is changing the cultural norms of the demographic in question. More "free" money will accomplish nothing.

As far as I know for the last 50 years more non-blacks were killed by blacks than the other way round.