Trade is War: The Wests War Against the World

The True Toll of the Trade War
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The middle income trap seems to be coming for China, however, I do wonder to what extent China can just exploit its massive internal comparative advantages to escape that trap — are the billion peasant consumers a sufficiently large market to propel the other million into high income status? Will those million then be enough to pull the 1 billion by their coattails?

How much global market share does China need to achieve that level of prosperity? Their intrnal markets are large enough to create the needed economies of scale and the concomitant economic complexity allows for diverse product and IP landscapes. China is even bigger, so in the long run I believe China is in the strongest position of all countries, bar none, to weather any trade wars.

See atlas of economic complexity , China currently is at world wide 18, between Belgium and France, still some way to reach the US at 10 but in a decent enough position. And that is a place that is neither large, nor culturally homogeneous, nor was it rich as little as 3 generations ago, and look at it now. By population, Singapore would not crack the top 15 in China.

With a large port, strategic location, and the construction of the factories and services to facilitate its role as a functional trade entrepot, the gains from economic development in Singapore could easily reach a much higher percentage of the Singapore population than even the biggest Chinese advances can hope to. Improving the health system, internet connectivity, etc. Having spent many years in Asia not necessarily China I find this article perfectly to the point. I learned that many Asians posses a hidden feeling of antagonism toward the West indeed because of real or perceived past humiliations including the perception that the West considers and treats them as an inferior race ; and while they may not directly seek retribution, their psyche is such it will not allow toleration of more humiliations at all costs, no matter the pain!

Our strategists would do themselves a favor to remember that in their deliberations and negotiations! Who is most vulnerable in a trade war? Categories: International Trade Trade Barriers. Michael Sandifer May 14 at pm. Mark May 14 at pm. Todd Kreider May 15 at pm. The issue is even more complicated. Competition is a great driver of productivity, even in industries as deleterious as war. Benjamin Cole May 14 at pm. China may be too big to understand, but as much as I understand it I think this post is correct.

I suspect Xi is president for life.

The Next Stage of the U.S.-China Trade War Will Be Much Worse

The Sino Belt and Road Initiative looks to be successful in the long run. In contrast, the United States is building aircraft carriers. Trevor Adcock May 15 at am. BC May 14 at pm. John Thacker May 15 at am. Scott Sumner May 15 at am. BC May 15 at pm. Scott Sumner May 15 at pm. Harun May 15 at pm. The Chinese massacred Dutch colonialists in Taiwan and took their women as concubines.

They humiliated us! But China hacked our OPM just years ago.

Trade Is War

How humiliating! They made Obama leave a plane by a tiny rear door.

The West is Collapsing, Too Weak to Wage a War Against Russia Even if They Wanted To

DF May 15 at pm. Iskander May 15 at am. Thiago Ribeiro May 15 at am. Todd Kreider May 15 at am. Alan Goldhammer May 15 at am. Lee Hibbs May 15 at pm. Michael Rulle May 15 at pm. I agree in the end there will be some agreement. Domestic politics must play its game. Sumner, You seem certain Xi will remain in power, that he will be able to dispense with the traditional transition of leadership after 10 years.

Your photo shows damage done by British and French soldiers. The United States pressured Japan to remedy the imbalance, demanding that Tokyo raise the value of the yen and open its markets further to facilitate more imports from the United States. In the s the Soviet Union, having reconstructed the ruins left by the war, experienced a decade of prosperous, undisturbed, and rapid economic growth [ citation needed ] , with significant technological achievements most notably the first earth satellite.

The nation ranked in the top 15 most prosperous countries [ citation needed ]. However, the growth slowed and ended by , as the Khrushchev regime poured resources into large military and space projects, and the civilian sector languished. While every other major nation greatly expanded its service sector, that sector in the Soviet Union medicine, for example was given low priority.

Sweden emerged almost unharmed from World War II, and experienced tremendous economic growth until the early s, as Social Democratic Prime Minister Tage Erlander held his office from to Sweden used to be a country of emigrants until the s, but the demand for labor spurred immigration to Sweden, especially from Finland and countries like Greece, Italy and Yugoslavia. Urbanization was fast, and housing shortage in urban areas was imminent until the Million Programme was launched in the s.

'The end of the world'

A speech by UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan [35] captures what the golden age felt like, even before the brightest years which were to come in the s. Let us be frank about it: most of our people have never had it so good. Go round the country, go to the industrial towns, go to the farms and you will see a state of prosperity such as we have never had in my lifetime — nor indeed in the history of this country. Unemployment figures [36] show that unemployment was significantly lower during the Golden Age than before or after:.

The period from the end of World War II to the early s was one of the greatest eras of economic expansion in world history.

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  6. The Next Stage of the U.S.-China Trade War Will Be Much Worse.

Bill financed a well-educated work force. The middle class swelled, as did GDP and productivity. The US underwent its own golden age of economic growth. This growth was distributed fairly evenly across the economic classes, which some attribute to the strength of labor unions in this period—labor union membership peaked during the s. Much of the growth came from the movement of low-income farm workers into better-paying jobs in the towns and cities—a process largely completed by Libertarian historian Burton W.

Trade Is War

Folsom Jr. The predicted postwar depression never happened and the economy grew rapidly as unemployment stabilized at 3. West Germany , under Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and economic minister Ludwig Ehrhard , saw prolonged economic growth beginning in the early s. Journalists dubbed it the Wirtschaftswunder or "Economic Miracle". Labor union's support of the new policies, postponed wage increases, minimized strikes, supported technological modernization, and a policy of co-determination Mitbestimmung , which involved a satisfactory grievance resolution system and required the representation of workers on the boards of large corporations, [44] all contributed to such a prolonged economic growth.

West Germany played a central role in the creation of European cooperation; it joined NATO in and was a founding member of the European Economic Community in The post-war economic boom had many social, cultural, and political effects not least of which was the demographic bulge termed the baby boom. Movements and phenomena associated with this period include the height of the Cold War , postmodernism , decolonisation , a marked increase in consumerism , the welfare state , the space race , the Non-Aligned Movement , import substitution , counterculture of the s , opposition to the Vietnam War , the Civil Rights Movement , the sexual revolution , the beginning of second-wave feminism , and a nuclear arms race.

In the United States, the middle-class began a mass migration away from the cities and towards the suburbs. Thus, it can be summed up as a period of prosperity in which most people could enjoy a job for life, a house and a family.

Latest US-China tensions could be the trade version of 'the end of the world as we know it'

In the West, there emerged a near-complete consensus against strong ideology and a belief that technocratic and scientific solutions could be found to most of humanity's problems, a view advanced by US President John F. Kennedy in Johnson's Great Society programs, which aimed at eliminating poverty in the United States. The sharp rise in oil prices due to the oil crisis hastened the transition to the post-industrial economy , and a multitude of social problems have since emerged.

During the s steel crisis , demand for steel declined, and the Western world faced competition from newly industrialized countries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Agricultural productivity.

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For three days, many of them would gather around me in the evenings for further discussions. Economist Neil Shearing said the U. Featured articles. But in this century China has become not just a producer but also an innovator. In certain instances Africans were specially trained, as in Senegal, to fill the vacancies thus created. As long as the discussions are just about trade, rather than more intractable issues, the Chinese government is not afraid. Beyond the negotiations and the sparring, what are the economic ties between the two countries?

Economic Growth. Westport, CT; London: Praeger. Heidelberg and New York: Physica-Verlag. Revolutionary Communist No. Retrieved December 16, The Socialist Register. Retrieved October 11, The Shock Doctrine. The Economist. June 26, Retrieved October 23, Pinterest Reddit. By T K Arun. American imperialism is back, the old, Vietnam-war-era version, wielding its might in the pursuit of self-interest, regardless of norms and what damage it does to friend, foe or those not aligned as either.

However, the context is vastly different, that of a more integrated, globalised world, and superiority in ordnance is even less likely to prevail than it did in Vietnam. China has replaced the erstwhile Soviet Union as the rival superpower to the US. Then it banned US companies from trade with Huawei and its affiliates. This has stalled talks. Chinese countermeasures, such as diverting imports of soya and whiskey away from the US, will hurt small but influential segments of the American society.

More expensive consumer goods, which would result from the US proceeding with its threat to raise tariffs on imports from China across the board, would erode the living standards of less affluent Americans, raise the cost of phones, laptops, gaming consoles and other tech stuff, irritating the youth. At the same time, American multinationals will be hit. If the trade war with China persists, they will have to rebuild their global supply chains, large parts of which are located in China.

Their sales to Chinese companies and consumers would hurt. While global capital would cheer an end to the Chinese practice of insisting on technology transfer as a precondition for access to the vast Chinese market, they have little sympathy for the Trumpian vision of shifting manufacturing back to the US. This has raised living standards in Asia and fattened the profits of western multinationals. But it has also taken jobs away from the US and Europe. Domestic politics has failed to address the scarcity of blue-collar jobs and their diminished ability to let low-skilled workers join the ranks of the middle class.

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The resultant disquiet has been exploited by populists like Trump to come to power and be seen to be doing something to bring the glory days of flourishing manufacturing back to their economies, where the high-skilled and the entrepreneurial see a huge rise in their incomes, widening income inequalities and fuelling popular anger that facilitates yet more populist politics, be it Brexit or antiimmigrant anger in parts of Europe.

China leads the world in quantum communications, is heel-to-toe with the US in artificial intelligence and racing ahead in digital technologies, unhindered by privacy concerns. The US's denial of technology will accelerate, not stifle, this process. Denial of Qualcomm chips brought ZTE to its knees.